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Rabbi Kevin Carp Lefkowitz

"Nominating Isaac for Best Supporting Character"

Shabbat Toledot

November 26, 2022


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Commentary on the Parsha


The opening words of this week’s parsha אלה תולדת --ele toldot--typically introduce an individual’s legacy*, whether recorded as a list of descendants or influence. Curiously, the first clause after these introductory words indicate that Isaac’s primary impact on the world was that “Abraham begat Isaac.”

Is Isaac’s legacy only that he was Abraham’s son? Certainly not! This verse’s formulation teaches us to value transmitters of tradition. Had Isaac abandoned God, Abraham’s life work would have been for naught. Had Isaac merely lived his life without teaching his children God’s ways, the Abrahamic faiths might have ceased. By perpetuating his father’s teachings, Isaacensures monotheism lasts another generation and further solidifies Abraham’s legacy.


We have a similar opportunity today.

If Jewish tradition and values have enhanced our lives, would we not want our children and grandchildren to also benefit from them? Continuation for its own sake is meaningless, but transmitting Judaism preserves its values and provides future generations with a chance to
experience its blessings for themselves. May we learn from Isaac and solidify the legacies of Jewish leaders before us by perpetuating Judaism into the next generation.


If you understand this verse differently, please grab me at kiddush or send me an email at


Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Kevin Carp Lefkowitz


* For additional examples, see Gen 2:4, Gen 6:9, Gen 10:1, Gen 11:10, Gen 11:27, Gen 25:12, Gen 36:1, Gen 36:9,
Gen 37:2, and Num 3:1.


Mon, November 28 2022 4 Kislev 5783