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		                            <span class="slider_description">"We are in a period of Kehilla V'Shmirah -- we are a community that protects ourselves and one another.  We are a community whether we're standing together in the sanctuary or not.  We are a strong, welcoming community.  We always will be." - Rabbi Nolan Lebovitz</span>

In the news:


All activities at Adat Shalom are CANCELED beginning this Shabbat, March 14. This includes Shabbat services, Kid Ulpan, Religious School, Talking Torah, Morning with the Masters, and the March Community Shabbat dinner and service. We will be having morning minyan on a virtual basis, Mondays and Thursdays at 7am. If you would like to participate, please let us know and contact the office at 310-475-4985.  

We are making these decisions on a week-by-week basis, with the understanding that under these circumstances, things can change at a moment's notice.

Please stay safe, healthy and follow the hygiene guidelines from the CDC.

We are a caring community whether we are together in this building or not, and we are here to help anyone in need during this difficult period. 


Adat Shalom 


Service Times:

Morning Minyan

Mondays and Thursdays - 7am

Zoom Saturday Morning Service - 9:30am

Passover Service 1st Day | April 9, 9:30am |

Passover Service 2nd Day | April 10, 9:30am

Passover Service 7th Day | April 15, 9:30am |

Passover Service 8th Day (Yizkor) | April 16, 9:30am



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 "Ep. 1, Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson"    



"Avinu Malkeinu"

by Cantor Dale Schatz

September 2018

Please enjoy this special version of Avinu Malkeinu from Selichot.  We hope you delight in this taste of our High Holiday services. 



The issue of technology on Shabbat is a matter of Halacha-- Jewish Law -- and it's also a standard practice for our community to limit our technology on Shabbat in an effort to differentiate our Shabbat fromt he usual technological demands on our daily life. This differentiation helps us appreciate our face to face community on Shabbat morning as more meaninful. It goes without saying that our daily life has changed during this period and technology is the means by which we create meaningful face to face interactions. Now, we will in turn change to accommodate as well. We will use Zoom to facilitate Shabbat services in which we can see one another face to face. 


It is for these reasons that I have decided that we will begin holding Shabbat services online, and we will continue through Passover and for the foreseeable future. While I will not be entering the sanctuary, we will build a communal experience through an augmented prayer service, along the lines of my minyan and Shabbat outline rationale that I have previously explained. This will allow us to be together virtually and say Mourner's Kaddish because of its significance, but we will not enact the traditional markings of a minyan by reciting the Barchu or the Kedusha sections of the service, for example.  We will not hold a Torah service, but we will read the Torah portion for the week out of a Chumash. 


I've mentioned in a previous email, staying apart is a health issue and the Jewish value of Pikuach Nefesh -- saving a life -- mandates that we remain separated. I intend to walk this fine line between a minyan and not a minyan during services for the foreseeable future as we all adjust to this challenging period. Yet, I sincerely hope, that this decision due to Sha'at Ha'Dekah -- a time of emergency -- does not create a new standard for our community. When this is over, I pray that we emerge and yearn for the in person Shabbat community we have worked so hard to create over the last several years. 


I have reached this conclusion because of the daunting indefinite period of our being at home sheltering in place. I have reached this conclusion due to the meaning I have found in morning minyan praying with so many close friends at Adat Shalom. I have reached this conclusion by witnessing the joy and connection on your faces this past Friday Night during our Zoom Kabbalat Shabbat service. 

I would further like to wish us all continued safety and health. Zoom links will be distributed later this week. I look forwardto seeing you this Shabbat morning, Shabbat HaGadol. 




Rabbi Nolan Lebovitz


Outline for Shabbat Prayer at Home

Siddur Pages for Shabbat Morning







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