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Upcoming Events

September 24, 6:30pm - Dinner in the Sukkah

September 24, 7:30pm - Kabbalat Shabbat

September 25, 9:30am - Shabbat on the Patio

September 28, 9:30am - Shemini Atzeret

September 28, 6:30pm - Erev Simchat Torah

September 29, 9:30am - Simchat Torah



Morning Minyan Mondays and Thursdays at 7:00am via Zoom


Saturday Morning Service 

at 9:30am with Rabbi Lebovitz 


Prayer Book

Outline for Shabbat Prayer at Home


Moses tells us, "God is the One who goes before you; God will be with you... Do not fear and do not be dismayed." (Deut. 31:8). As we move forward reopening the synagogue for Shabbat Services, there is a tremendous sense of excitement and optimism that permeates our community. As we return to the synagogue, we must do everything possible to remain safe and everything possible to facilitate community. The Jewish Tradition demands both of us. 

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Rabbi's Corner

Highlighted Sermons

"Standing Against Amazon Shul"

 Rosh Hashanah Day 1, September 7, 2021


"The Stuff We Schlep"

 Yom Kippur, September 16, 2021

Previously recorded sermons are available on our YouTube Channel by clicking here.


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Shabbat Experience

Commentary on the Parshat 

Each and every week on Friday evenings, we recite the Hashkiveynu Prayer and pray to dwell in "Sukkat Shlomecha" -- in God's shelter of peace.  Only on Shabbat Hol HaMoed Sukkot do we encounter the opportunity to actually dwell in a Sukkah.  The question remains, is it a Sukkah of Peace?  The answer resides within us.  Do we enter the Sukkah on Shabbat carrying the anxiety of the week, our worries from work, or our recent squabbles from home?  Or, can we enter the Sukkah with an intentionality to surround ourselves with serenity, with community, with compassion and support?  The choice is ours.  God's shelter awaits us all.


Shabbat Shalom, Chag Sameach, and Moadim L'Simcha,

Rabbi Nolan Lebovitz


"We are in a period of Kehilla V'Shmirah -- we are a community that protects ourselves and one another. We are a community whether we're standing together in the sanctuary or not. We are a strong, welcoming community. We always will be."

- Rabbi Nolan Lebovitz


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Sat, September 25 2021 19 Tishrei 5782