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Highlighted Sermons

Rabbi in Resident Dr. Michael Berenbaum

"The Burden & Blessing of Jewish History"

Shabbat Yitro

February 11, 2023


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Events and Services

Monday, March 20 - Author Chaim Tureff "Recovery in the Torah"

Saturday, March 25, 9:30am - Speaker in Residence Samson Nderitu

Sunday, March 26th, 10:15am - Mock Seder

Saturday, April 1st, 9:30am - Scholars in Residence - Michael Soberman and Sarah Atkins from the iCenter

Sunday, April 29:00am -- Volunteer to help pack Kosher Meals for Cafe Europa

Monday, April 3, 9:00am -- Volunteer to deliver Kosher Meals for Cafe Europa

Wednesday, April 5 - Erev Pesach - First Seder

Thursday, April 6 - First Day of Passover - Second Seder 

Friday, April 7 - Second Day of Passover 








Commentary On This Week's Parsha

Vayakhel and Pekudei

Our double parsha of Vayakhel and Pekudei provides two complimentary models of leadership. Last week, we read about how misapplied passion leads to the Israelites funding and worshiping the Golden Calf. Without Moses’ guidance, they donate their wealth to the wrong cause and wind up committing the ultimate sin. Refocused by Moses in Parshat Vayakhel, the Israelites give to a more noble project: the Mishkan.


Parshat Pekudei begins by crediting the Levites for their role in building and running the Mishkan. Only afterwards does Betzalel receive acclaim for managing the entire enterprise. Betzalel’s genius comes not only from his architectural expertise or teaching skills, talents that thousands throughout history have possessed, but also from his ability to motivate his workers. He understands that while he holds the ultimate responsibility, without those who perform the day to day functions, the project would fail.


When a group demonstrates high levels of passion, it needs a Moses to channel that energy into something positive. However, for a community to realize its fullest potential, it needs a Betzalel to encourage contribution from all its members. Inspired by Moses’ vision and Betzalel’s motivation, not only does the community out-raise its fundraising goal, but each individual contributes time, energy, and skill to build the space designated to house God. 


If you would like to discuss this interpretation or any other on the parsha, please grab me at kiddush or send me an email at


If you would like to discuss this interpretation or any other on the parsha, please grab me at kiddush or send me an email at

Tue, March 21 2023 28 Adar 5783