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10/27, Book Club -- "Snow in August" by Pete Hamill

10/28, Women's League Lounge

10/29, 10:00am - Talking Torah

11/2, 7:30pm - Jerusalem - 3 part Series



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Morning Minyan Mondays and Thursdays at 7:00am via Zoom


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at 9:30am with Rabbi Lebovitz 


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The Sim Shalom Siddur travel size is available to purchase for your home service participation. $15 per book through this website


Zoom links and password are available in the weekly Adat Shalom eBlasts, or contact the Adat Shalom office


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Ep. 18, Dan Messinger & Nir Weinblut

Ep. 17, Rabbi Vernon Kurtz

Ep. 16, Geoff Schwartz

Ep. 15, Daniel Gordis

Ep. 14, Salvador Litvak  

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Weekly Sermon

"Staying Together for the Year Ahead", Rabbi Nolan Lebovitz, Kol Nidre Sermon, September 27, 2020

"On My Own" - Rabbi Nolan Lebovitz, Yom Kippur Morning Sermon, September 28, 2020

Ecclesiastes/Kohelet & Sukkot - Rabbi Nolan Lebovitz, Sukkot Morning Sermon, October 3, 2020

"We are in a period of Kehilla V'Shmirah -- we are a community that protects ourselves and one another. We are a community whether we're standing together in the sanctuary or not. We are a strong, welcoming community. We always will be."

- Rabbi Nolan Lebovitz


To learn more about Rabbi Nolan Lebovitz, please click here



Shabbat Experience

A Message from the Rabbi

The issue of technology on Shabbat is a matter of Halacha-- Jewish Law -- and it's also a standard practice for our community to limit our technology on Shabbat in an effort to differentiate our Shabbat from the usual technological demands on our daily life. This differentiation helps us appreciate our face to face community on Shabbat morning as more meaninful. It goes without saying that our daily life has changed during this period and technology is the means by which we create meaningful face to face interactions. Now, we will in turn change to accommodate as well. We will use Zoom to facilitate Shabbat services in which we can see one another face to face. 

I sincerely hope, that this decision due to Sha'at Ha'Dekah -- a time of emergency -- does not create a new standard for our community. When this is over, I pray that we emerge and yearn for the in person Shabbat community we have worked so hard to create over the last several years. 


I have reached this conclusion due to the meaning I have found in morning minyan praying with so many close friends at Adat Shalom. I have reached this conclusion by witnessing the joy and connection on your faces on Friday Night during our Zoom Kabbalat Shabbat service. 


I would further like to wish us all continued safety and health.

Rabbi Nolan Lebovitz



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Wed, October 28 2020 10 Cheshvan 5781