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Supporting Israel



 In light of the current situation in Israel, Leket Israel has launched three   emergency relief programs, and they have reached out to Adat Shalom   for support.  

Meals for Homebound Individuals and Seniors: the goal is to provide 320,000 desperately needed cooked meals, priced at $6.25 each. Each $1,000 donated will provide 160 hot meals. 

  • Essential Supplies For Families: procuring essential items like food, diapers, formula, and more from local stores. This initiative not only supports struggling families but also keeps local businesses afloat. Total budget for this is estimated to be $2MM.
  • Financial Support for Families and Individuals: distributing debit cards pre-loaded with approximately $65 each to individuals facing the ongoing challenges of this crisis, especially those who have lost their income or struggle to access aid. Each $1,000 donated will provide 16 debit cards. 
  • LEKET Israel is working tirelessly, in close collaboration with the IDF and security forces to ensure the immediate and safe implementation of these programs

To contribute use the form below or click on  Leket Stands with Southern Israel




Tue, April 23 2024 15 Nisan 5784