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Urgent Phone Calls Needed to Congress

Anti-Israel activists are calling members of Congress and telling them to abandon Israel. Now more than ever, we need pro-Israel Americans to call their members of Congress to let them know you stand with Israel.
This new website helps you do just that:
Please take a minute to visit that website and forward this email to family and friends so our elected officials hear from pro-Israel Americans!

Action Alert 1 - Click Here

Action Alert 2 - Click Here

Leket Cookbook

Leket has published a digital cookbook which they are selling for $36 to support the    work they are doing during the war.  If you are interested in getting a copy, it is called Cooking for a Cause

Our Israeli our Hearts & Prayers

We want to support our Adat Shalom family who have family and friends serving in the IDF. We also want to create a special mishaberach list to say a prayer of healing for those IDF soldiers, and relatives of the Adat Shalom community who have been wounded. 

If you would like to include the name of a family member or friend, in Israel, please email information to either Marcia Machol or Ron Weinrich. 

Family members who are serving in the IDF - Marcia Machol -

Misheberach List - Ron Weinrich -


Our Adat Shalom family who have family and friends serving in the IDF:

Dick and Leah Bernstein: Rotem, Daniel, and Tomer, cousins of Dick and Leah

Aliza Wine and Jonathan Marcus: Ezra Ariel, son of Aliza Ora

Marcia Machol: Nadav, Lior, and Eliel, Grandsons of Marcia

Marla and Jaime Knoll: Ophir, cousin

Miriam Kosberg and Carin Schachat: Nachshon ben Yaakov, and Bezalel ben Yaakov

Yoel Cohen: Joseph, Shachar, Micha, Nir, Aviv, Lea, Guy

Cousins of Jonathan Marcus and Dennis Cozen:

יעקב צדוק בן עדנה יוכבד

ישי בן עדנה יוכבד

אורי בן רחל צירל

שגב בן רוני בת ציון

אורי בן רוני בת ציון

לוי בן חיה

אברהם יצחק בן אסתר

משולם מאיר בן מאשה

משולם מאיר בן מאשה ורדה

אביחי בן צירל בריינדל

אברהם פנחס בן צירל בריינדל

מלכיאל נעם בן צירל בריינדל

חן יהונתן בן צפורה פוריה

יאיר בן רבקה

אלון בן נעמה

עדן בן אילנה

שהם בן אילנה

שלם בן אילנה

אריאל בן ברכה

שרגא יאיר בן אילה טובה

נתנאל ברק בן גאולה


Ways to Donate

Our brothers and sisters in Israel are in urgent need of our support. Giving financial gifts allows us to make a direct and beneficial impact in this time of tragedy. There are many worthy organizations asking for support.

Here are some to consider:


(Recommended by Professor Jack Gilron)

Sermons & Speakers

                                                     Renalee Pflug, Executive Director of Adat Shalom

                                                     "Zachor v'Naase: Remember and Take Action"

                                                     March 23, 2024



                                          Dr. Yoram Cohen, "Anti-Semitism on Campus"

                                          Saturday, November 18, 2023

Rabbi Potok's Sermon, "Darkness and Light" 

Saturday, October 14, 2023



Rabbi Potok's Sermon, "God is a Warrior"

October 20, 2023



"Al Shlosha Devarim" Part I with Rabbi Miriam Potok

 November 5, 2023

 Click here for video. 



Professor Jack Gilron, Guest Speaker

Saturday, October 27, 2023


Rabbi Potok's Sermon, "Fire and Brimstone"

November 4, 2023

Write and Call Politicians

Politicians and their staffs do count the number of letters, the number of phone calls and the number of emails they receive. Write as often as you are able. Be clear in your subject heading and first sentence. Your comments are categorized by the early words in your letter.


a. President Biden

b. Senator Padilla

    Senator Butler (CA)    202-938-2747   mostly voicemail

c. Congressperson Ted Lieu

    Representative Brad Sherman 202-639-5322

d. Write the UN, the EU, Diplomats from other countries/consulates… keep writing


What should you say?

Subject heading: Support Israel against Terrorism and Barbarism

Body: Thank them for supporting Israel. Explain your concerns such as --- I am pleased by the support of Israel during this horrible time, but concerned it may not last. Israel needs support for the longer term.

Hamas is a terrorist organization that killed more Jewish civilians in one day than any action since the Nazi Holocaust. Their despicable actions merit a strong response, even destruction of the organization to offer Israel safety and security.


Additionally, is a regularly updated website with action steps.

Talking to children about what's happening in Israel now 


From the desk of Rabbi Karen Isenberg, Adat Shalom Religious School Director: 


I highly recommend the following article by Dr. Sivan Zakai for talking to your children in specific age groups about what is going on in Israel. In it, she gives some very concrete examples of conversations you can have with children of different age groups. Here is the website:

Tue, July 23 2024 17 Tammuz 5784