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Shabbat In-Person Services 

As the Adat Shalom community looks forward to a year filled with services, simchas, events, educational programs, and much more, the Reopening Task Force has been hard at work to make our campus as safe as possible. 


After reviewing information from the CDC, the California Health Department, the Los Angeles County Health Department and from other synagogues in our area, the Reopening Task Force has released updated protocols for Adat Shalom. The decisions were made with extreme care for both the health and the happiness of our community. 


Adat Shalom Updated Covid-19 Protocols: 


Shabbat Services Outdoors  


  • Shabbat Morning Services will continue to be held outdoors on the patio at least through the end of July. 


  • Registration for Shabbat Services will no longer be required beginning this Friday, July 16 for Kabbalat Shabbat and Saturday, July 17 for Shabbat Morning Services.  


  • Services will be open to vaccinated and non-vaccinated members as well as non-members.   


  • To ensure the safety and health of the community, and in accordance with Los Angeles County Health Department guidelines for large outdoor gatherings when the likelihood of transmission can increase, those who are not yet vaccinated, or who are without proof of vaccination, will be required to wear a mask during services, whether outdoors or indoors. Masks are not required for those persons age 12 and over who provide proof of vaccination in advance or when entering campus.  Children under 12 years old, who are not eligible for vaccination, will be required to wear a mask at all times, whether indoors or outdoors, except while eating.  We will leave it to families to confirm the ages of their children.  


  • Food service for Kabbalat Shabbat and any food provided at Kiddush will be distributed by servers wearing disposable gloves. There will be no self-service. 


  • This protocol will be consistent for all services, both outdoor and indoor, as well as other indoor events.   


  • Vaccinated Members: Mask wearing is not required with proof of vaccination. Members may provide proof of vaccination in advance to the office (see below) or upon entering campus.  


  • Vaccinated Non-Members: Mask wearing is not required with proof of vaccination upon entering campus.  


  • Not vaccinated: All persons who are not vaccinated or without proof of vaccination, must wear a mask while attending services, indoors or outdoors, on campus. 


Proof of Vaccination at Adat Shalom 


  • Adat Shalom will keep a list of members who show proof of vaccination.  Those on the list will not need to show proof when entering campus. There are several ways to add your name to the list:


  • Stop by the office and show your vaccination card. 
  • Email a copy of your vaccination card to the office. 
  • Show your vaccination card at the door when coming to services.   
  • On Shabbat, a sticker will be placed by your name and the list will be updated for the future. 


Please note: The office will not keep a copy or image of vaccination cards, once they have been recorded.   


Simchas and Private Events


Simcha events and private events using Adat Shalom facilities will be required to follow campus protocols. 


  • Guests who are unvaccinated must wear masks, except while eating.  
  • Private event hosts will be responsible for communicating this policy to attendees. 


The Reopening Task Force's goal for the High Holidays is to return to the Main Sanctuary with all appropriate protocols in place.  


Thank you to the Adat Shalom Community for your understanding and flexibility during this process. 


We will continue to monitor the fluctuating Covid-19 situation and modify the protocols as needed in the interest of the safety of our community.

Siddur Pages for Shabbat Morning

Siddur Pages for Kabbalat Shabbat


The Sim Shalom Siddur travel size is available to purchase for your home service participation. $15 per book through this website

To review our In-Person Shabbat Protocol, please click here.

Fri, October 22 2021 16 Cheshvan 5782